Direct Distribution

Direct Distribution was created back in 2006 to try and fill a client and supplier need for those “hard to get” products in France. 15 years later and that need for great products is stronger than ever. If you are a bar, pub, or restaurant in France and you are looking for a different range of genuine pub products, get in touch. Over 6 million pints and 1.2 million bags of crisps sold, that’s a lot of happy customers!If you are a brand owner and are looking for an import and distribution solution, we can help you as well. We have successfully launched 75 brands in France over the last 15 years. With  over 40 years combined industry experience, our team can offer both on and off-trade brand launching expertise with full bilingual support for your products. We are a potential one-stop-shop for the French market. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Featured Brewery

Hope BeerUnderdog Hoppy LagerLager – Ireland – 4.8%

A modern, hybrid style lager. The malts and the yeast used are traditional, but the hops are not. Modern American hops, such as Citra, El Dorado, and Mosaic, are used for flavour and also the dry hopping technique more commonly associated with IPAs. This all contributes to this lager’s clean and refreshing flavour, and it’s modern citrussy and tropical hoppy punch.