Imported spirits

At Direct Distribution, we supply you with a complete selection of beers, ciders, and alcohols. If you or your clients are in search of drinks with international flavours, you can consult our table of products.

We are always open to importing new products, in order to add to our selection and allow us to offer you the largest range possible.

Product Origin Type Alcohol % Centilitres Per case
Teichenne Schnapps - assorted flavours
Elaborated with the finest ingredients, they have been Teichenné’s stellar success for decades. To be enjoyed straight as a shot, over ice, or as an innovative cocktail ingredient. Available flavours: Butterscotch, Raspberry, Peach, Apple, and Lemon.
Spain Schnapps 17 70cl 6
Galliano l'Autentico
The original. The classic. Golden Yellow in colour with a light green hue. A perfectly balanced blend of Mediterranean exotic herbs and plants, all sourced and blended in their natural form. The resulting taste is rounded with a powerful aromatic top note that softens to a mellow deep taste.
Italy Liqueur 30 50cl 12
Molinari Sambuca
Molinari Extra is a sweet and strong liqueur, anise-flavoured, prepared with a recipe the Molinari family will never reveal, made from star anise seeds, sugar, herbs and rather fine and precious spices.
Italy Liqueur 40 100cl 6
As a classic liqueur, Frangelico is perfect after a meal neat or with ice or as a complement to the coffee. For sheer sophistication, pour it over ice with a squeeze of Lime for an intense and refreshing experience. Even perfect for easy mixes with sodas, orange juice, coke or ginger ale. Or practice your cocktail skills with some of our favourites from around the world.
Italy Liqueur 20 70cl 6
Opal Nera
Opal Nera was created many years ago from a secret recipe by Francoli, a family company of distillers based in northern Italy. The company, whose origins go back several generations, created the world's first carbon-neutral distillery and have always been at the forefront of pioneering spirits. Opal Nera was the original black Italian liqueur and rapidly achieved worldwide renown. Opal Nera is now sold internationally and has become a quality benchmark to which many other similar liqueurs aspire, but never succeed to imitate.
Italy Liqueur 40 70cl 6
Midori Melon Liqueur
Midori is the original melon liqueur enhanced by premium Japanese muskmelons that can be enjoyed with juices, spirits and other liqueurs - a fruity sensation of fresh melons. Midori Melon Liqueur’s quality and delicious taste come from the blending of the juices of premium muskmelons — which are extremely rare in Japan. Grown in only one region of Japan, they are incredibly hard to find. Because of this, they can sell for as much as US $20,000 in their first harvest. In addition to their rarity, both musk melons are cultivated in rich soils to create the tastiest melons. By extracting the essence from two different Japanese melons using two different production methods, a premium melon flavor is born.
Japan Liqueur 20 70cl / 100cl 6
Archer's Peach Schnapps
Traditionally, schnapps is enjoyed as an ice-cold shot. The word 'schnapps' even comes from the Norse word 'snappen', meaning 'to snatch a gulp'. The custom has long been to soak different stone fruit in spirits; commonly using apples, pears, plums and cherries, and G. W. Archer and Co developed this in an innovative way with Archers Peach Schnapps. It has set the standard for contemporary schnapps, creating the market for an easy drinking, premium category all of its own. The instantly recognisable elegant white frosted bottle, with the full flavours of fresh peach and a subtle sweet flavour, were a hit upon launch and Archers has since become one of the fastest growing drinks.
UK - England Liqueur 21 100cl 12
Edinburgh Gin's Raspberry Liqueur
A fruity liqueur handmade in the heart of Scotland by infusing our award-winning Edinburgh Gin with mixture of juicy Perthshire Raspberries and cane sugar. Magical added to fizz – alcoholic or not!
UK - Scotland Liqueur 20 50cl 6
Edinburgh Gin's Elderflower Liqueur
Handmade in Scotland using freshly picked elderflowers, this aromatic liqueur adds a summery lilt to cocktails, is delicious with soda, and simply delightful over ice!
UK - Scotland Liqueur 20 50cl 6
Today, Jägermeister has undoubtedly become Germany's most famous drink export. Nearly every day someone in Germany or across the world discovers the taste of Jägermeister for the very first time. Jägermeister’s ingredients include 56 herbs, fruits, roots, and spices, including citrus peel, licorice, anise, poppy seeds, saffron, ginger, juniper berries, and ginseng. These ingredients are ground, then steeped in water and alcohol for 2–3 days. Afterwards, this mixture is filtered and stored in oak barrels for about a year. When a year has passed, the liqueur is filtered again, then mixed with sugar, caramel, and alcohol.
Germany Liqueur 35 100cl 6
The Legend of the Jungfrau range takes inspiration from the story of the Meyer brothers who in 1811 became the first explorers to scale the summit of the most dangerous of the Swiss Bernese Mountains, the Jungfrau. Each brother carried a hip flask containing a secret recipe, an infusion of herbs and spices, to sip for warmth. Jungfrau Krauter Likor is based on the mysterious blend. Jungfrau Krauter Likor is a 30% ABV Herbal Liqueur with a macerated blend of more than 40 herbs and spices.
Germany Liqueur 30 70cl 6
Baileys Irish Cream
The perfect balancing act of aged Irish whiskey woven with fresh Irish dairy cream, a hint of cocoa and vanilla. We only use the finest ingredients in our original Irish Cream Liqueur. We source our Irish whiskey from a number of quality distilleries including the famous old Bushmills distillery, County Antrim. The whiskey complements the full richness of the fresh Irish dairy cream, cocoa and heavenly vanilla that all go into our secret recipe. Together they create a multi-award winning taste sensation for you to enjoy. We believe in staying true to our roots, so every bottle of Baileys is produced and bottled exclusively in Ireland.
Ireland Liqueur 17 100cl 6
Tequila Rose
Tequila Rose is a smooth strawberry cream with an exotic tequila thrill. It tastes so good you won't need any mixers. Try it straight up. Tequila Rose flirts with the line between naughty and nice. This chilled, single-pour shot is guaranteed to be a good time, anytime. Whether it's night or day, staying in or going out, the smooth, easy taste and festive pink colour of Tequila Rose is always a recipe for fun. Just ask the ever-feminine but fierce icon Rose, "Life is short. Enjoy the roses."
USA Liqueur 15 70cl 6
Angostura Aromatic Bitters
“A cocktail cabinet without Angostura is like a kitchen without salt and pepper.” Angostura aromatic bitters adds a layer of complexity, intensifies the flavor of other ingredients, counteracts the harshness of acidic contents and decreases the harshness of spirits. But it doesn’t stop there – it also helps cleanse the palate and aid in digestion.
Trinidad Bitters 44.7 20cl 6
Product Origin Type Alcohol % Centilitres Per case
Kraken Black Spiced Rum
The Kraken Rum is an imported rum from the Caribbean blended with secret spices. Named for the sea beast of myth and legend, The Kraken Rum is strong, rich, black and smooth.
USA Rum 40 70cl 6
Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold
A secret recipe of adventurous spice & natural flavours that are expertly blended with fine Caribbean rum – then aged in charred white oak barrels to create a taste and colour as rich as a pocketful of gold doubloons. For a smooth and refreshing tasting drink, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold is best served in a tankard over ice, with cola and a slice of lime.
USA Rum 35 100cl 12
Product Origin Type Alcohol % Centilitres Per case
Edinburgh Gin
Award-winning and distilled in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle! Scottish juniper, pine, heather & milk thistle combine with 8 classic botanicals in a copper still to produce our original and perfectly balanced premium gin.
UK - Scotland Gin 42 70cl 6
Product Origin Type Alcohol % Centilitres Per case
Pig's Nose
This exceptional blended Scotch whisky has been created by Richard Patterson, Scotland’s only third generation Master Blender. The backbone of this whisky is Invergordon grain whisky, acknowledged as one of the highest quality and lightest grain whiskies in Scotland, which has been aged in fresh oak barrels for five years and above. This is complemented by five first class single malts-three from Speyside, one from the Highlands and one from Islay.
UK - Scotland Scotch whiskey 40 70cl 6
Sheep Dip
Sheep Dip is a small batch, handcrafted, premium blended malt Scotch whisky created by Richard Paterson, Scotland’s only 3rd generation master blender. Inspired by the illicit distilling practiced by farmers of old, Sheep Dip marries together 16 single malt whiskies in an enigmatically refined blended malt that packs plenty of punch.
UK - Scotland Scotch whiskey 40 70cl 6