La Bodega

Posted on 3rd July 2017

Summer season is about to kick off along the southern coast of France, and La Bodega is prepared.

Frontignan Plage is a strip of land sandwiched between expanses of water - to the north, a series of pink flamingo-flocked lagoons, and to the south the white sand and turquoise waves of the Mediterranean. This is where François and Sandra opened La Bodega in June 2014.

La Bodega is unusual in that it stays open all year round. Frontignan Plage, although packed and bustling in the summer months, tends to go to sleep in the winter. However, La Bodega is the chosen hangout of the locals, and its friendly, relaxed atmosphere goes a long way to explaining why.

A popular concert venue, La Bodega hosts bands on Fridays and Saturdays off-season, and from Tuesday through Sunday in the summertime. "I like to mix up the styles," François explained. "I don't want to have just rock, or just reggae, or just jazz. I like to change it around and have something for everyone."

With over 60 bottled beers, both imported and local, and a range of beer taps, François is still constantly on the hunt to try out new products and expand his selection.

La Bodega

2 Impasse des Plaisanciers
34110 Frontignan-Plage
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François at the bar
The patio