Imported beers

At Direct Distribution, we supply you with a complete selection of beers, ciders, and alcohols. If you or your clients are in search of drinks with international flavours, you can consult our table of products.

We are always open to importing new products, in order to add to our selection and allow us to offer you the largest range possible.

Available in kegs
Available in bottles
Available in cans

Product Origin Type Alcohol % Availability
Noble English Craft Lager UK - England Lager 5.0
Belhaven Intergalactic UK - Scotland Dry-hopped lager 5.0
Bud USA Lager 5.0
Moosehead Lager Canada Lager 5.0
Monteith's Bohemian Pilsner New Zealand Lager 5.0
San Miguel Spain Lager 4.5
Tiger Singapore Lager 5.0
Belhaven Craft Pilsner Lager UK - Scotland Lager 4.8
Product Origin Type Alcohol % Availability
Belhaven Speyside Oak Aged Ale UK - Scotland Ale 6.4
Coopers Sparkling Ale Australia Amber 5.8
Monteith's Summer Ale New Zealand Ale 5.0
Abbot Ale UK - England Ale 5.0
Old Speckled Hen UK - England Ale 5.2
Product Origin Type Alcohol % Availability
Belhaven Best UK - Scotland Ale 4.2
Belhaven Black UK - Scotland Stout 4.2
Product Origin Type Alcohol % Availability
Belhaven Twisted Thistle UK - Scotland IPA 5.6
Double Hop Monster UK - England IPA 7.2
Belhaven Twisted Grapefruit UK - Scotland IPA 5.3
Belhaven Super Twisted UK - Scotland IPA 7.0
Coopers Pale Ale Australia Pale ale 5.4
Monteith's Southern Pale Ale New Zealand Pale ale 4.6
Monteith's India Pale Ale New Zealand IPA 4.6
Yardbird UK - England Pale Ale 4.0
Paname Brewing Co. Barge du Canal France (craft beer) IPA 6.0
Paname Brewing Co. Oeil de Biche France (craft beer) Pale ale 4.6
Product Origin Type Alcohol % Availability
Belhaven Craft Cider UK - Scotland Cider 5.0
Bulmers Original UK - England Cider 4.5
Bulmers Pear UK - England Cider 4.5
Le Fèvre France Cider 4.9